Family Ministries

Outreach Ministry

Worship & Arts

Lifestyle Workshops
Our quarterly workshops are designed to help individuals foster wholesome and quality relationships throughout their life experiences. These workshops cover various topics, such as marriage & the family, business, employment, entrepreneurship, dating, depression, communication, esteem matters and more. These workshops help individuals to make impact and to have sustainable growth in his or her physical, spiritual, emotional, psychological, and social well being.

Tuesday Night Bible Study
Every Tuesday we engage in in-depth study of God’s Word in a casual setting. Class is held every Tuesday from 7-8:30pm in the main sanctuary. This class deals with biblical and contemporary topics that will help students to develop a deeper life in Christ spiritually and practically from a biblical perspective.
Discipleship Classes
Join us every Sunday @ 10:45am for weekly Sunday School. Classes are offered for adults and children. These classes nurture individuals into becoming effective and impactful disciples in life and community. Individuals learn life lessons from biblical principles, characters and stories, and are taught how to apply them to their everyday lives.

Women2Women (Women’s Ministry)

Women in this ministry unite for wholesome times of fellowship and fun to enhance each other’s lives. Women are able to share, learn and become nurtured in areas that concern women in particular. As wives, mothers, sisters, ladies and girls, this ministry seeks to strengthen and support women as they endeavor to always be God’s leading lady.

Benevolence Ministry
This is a ministry of love and outreach to people of the church and community. This ministry readily demonstrates the love of Christ in action by being sensitive and supportive to the needs of people in the community.

Choir & Praise Team
Music ministry happens through the weekly ministry of our choir and praise team. This ministry involves individuals who lend their voices and their hearts unto God by singing, exhorting and worshipping the Lord.

Leadership Trainings​
We are dedicated to equipping the body of Christ with the tools and resources necessary for effective Christian leadership. Regularly, we train, instruct and empower leaders for the work of ministry. Students learn the culture of the church and community, leadership styles and techniques and the personalities and value of people, as it relates to effective Christian ministry. Trainings are conducted quarterly to those interested in developing as effective leaders.

Teen Ministry
This ministry is designed to reach teenagers where they are; whether it’s peer pressure, issues with parents, decision-making skills, etc. The focus is to mentor, coach and prepare teenagers as they move into the next phase of their lives.

College Ministry
This ministry is designed to reach out to youth who are in college, keeping them connected to Christ and the Church, in an effort to build, strengthen and support them during their matriculation in college.

Children’s Sunday School
We invite all children to join us every Sunday for exploration into the world of Christianity. Through outdoor and indoor activities, children learn bible principles that help shape and develop them as kids for the King! Sunday School is held every Sunday from 10:45-11:45am.

Children’s Bible Study

This interactive bible study helps children to learn the bible while developing beginning steps towards an ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ. Bible study is held every Tuesday at 7pm. Children learn and grow in the knowledge of Christ with participatory and visual teaching methods.

Kid’s Dance, Mime & Step Ministry

Become involved in our Arts Ministry to kids. Kids can learn how to do Christian dance ministry, mime ministry and step ministry for the kingdom. Kids attend regular rehearsals and then make presentations during worship experiences and participate in outreach endeavors as well.

Get involved in evangelism. Through various ways, we spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, implementing various evangelistic efforts - street witnessing, community projects, witnessing tracks, one-on-one soul winning, print, teaching, preaching, social, digital and television media. Become involved and help build kingdom.

Media Ministry
This ministry is considered to be our “Church outside the walls” ministry. It is designed to make impact for the kingdom; specifically targeted to the sick & shut-in, handicapped, elderly, incarcerated, disenfranchised, etc. We share the message of Jesus Christ through doing active ministry in the community, fostering love and hope.

Dance & Mime Ministry
This ministry-in-motion uses the physicality of their beings to express praise and worship unto God. This ministry is open to children, youth and adults.

Drama Ministry
This ministry uses the art of drama to paint a visual picture of a biblical and spiritual message. Persons in this ministry use their gift of drama, dramatic interpretation, writing, singing, and acting skills for the kingdom.

Prayer Ministry
Prayer is the lifeline of our church. We provide opportunities for individuals to engage in intercessory prayer during Sunday worship at 12 noon and Tuesday evenings at 7pm. We also embrace our weekly church “Prayer & Fasting Day” on Tuesdays, throughout the entire year.

Deeper Life In Christ Ministries, Inc.

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Worship Schedule
Sunday School 10:45 am
Sunday Worship 12 noon
Bible Study, Tuesday 7 pm