Deeper Life In Christ Ministries, Inc. is a Bible-based, Christ-centered church that is dedicated to carrying out the Great Commission of Jesus the Christ, as found in Matthew 28:19-20. Our church is committed to the development of and the making of disciples for the purpose of building the Kingdom of God. Our focus is to bring about reconciliation and restoration between God and humanity. Deeper Life is a continuation of the great work that God demonstrated to us through the life and ministry of Jesus the Christ.
We believe in God, that we have been called by God, commissioned by Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit for Kingdom building.  At Deeper Life, we provide an environment that seeks to nurture spiritual growth and foster reverence for God.  We exist, not for the sole purpose of doing ministry within the walls of a church building; but we operate as a ministry that is called to impact community and win the world for JESUS!
We seek to accomplish our mission through the following:
Praise and worship is a strong element within our ministry. We believe that the lives of Christians are nurtured through engaged corporate and private worship with the Lord. Through prayer, song, dance and offerings, we worship God in Spirit and in truth.

Word of God

The Sacred Scriptures are relevant to our lives today. Through Jesus Christ, the Word was made flesh and now dwells among us. We place high value on the Word of God.  Therefore, we focus on bridging the ancient text of the Bible to the present text of our everyday lives. We believe in the power, proclamation, prophetic oracles and manifestation of the Word.  We believe in the authority and ability of the Word to activate victory in the lives of people everywhere.

Christian Education

We educate and equip the body through the heartbeat of our ministry, Christian Education. We inspire, instruct and empower lives with resources that will shape learning, knowledge and wisdom which will foster better, bigger and brighter lives. We believe that Christian Education helps us, not only with our Christian experience, but with life experiences, such as our families, finances, friends, foes and our future.

Love & Fellowship

Love is always the center of God’s grace towards humankind.  Love was and is reflected through the passion of Jesus Christ, His sacrifice, suffering and salvation towards all.  We actively encourage brotherly and sisterly wholesome fellowship within the body because of the love reflected by Jesus Christ. Through our various ministries, events and activities, we foster agape love and fellowship among our church family and to our extended family, the community at large. By this shall men know that ye are my disciples, that you have love one for another.

Project Outreach

Our platform for ministry is not merely housed within a building. It extends beyond the walls into our communities, neighborhoods and people at large. We are concerned about such issues surrounding children, the elderly, poverty, homelessness, sickness and disease, unemployment and illiteracy. We care about national & local tragedies and crises. When the community and the world are faced with challenges so are we. Deeper Life is committed to loving and serving others through efforts of outreach, evangelism and missions.


Deeper Life In Christ Ministries, Inc.

1316 Olympic Court, SW

Conyers, GA 30012


Worship Schedule
Sunday School 10:45 am
Sunday Worship 12 noon
Bible Study, Tuesday 7 pm