It was in the spring of March 1998 when God caused Rev. Juandolyn Stokes to travel to Jerusalem, Israel to what she thought would merely be a Christian tour that traced the footsteps of Jesus. Little did she know that God had a greater assignment for her to fulfill. While seeking God for direction during a transitional period in her life, He uttered His call upon her to launch out into the deep and answer the call of shepherding God’s people. During her time of prayer and meditation, God gave her the directives to plant a church, Deeper Life In Christ Ministries. While visiting the diamond factory in Israel, the Lord spoke to Rev. Stokes – “You will be like a diamond in the rough, chopped and chiseled for my purpose and glory.” With reservations and hesitations, she proceeded with obedience and immediately began to put things in place when she returned to the United States. With a career track in broadcasting and the gospel music industry, Rev. Stokes did not waver in her assignment to begin the church ministry.​
It was in August of 1998 that Pastor Juandolyn Stokes birthed Deeper Life In Christ Ministries, Inc. It was also during this year that she recognized the urgency to prepare herself adequately for her new assignment. Immediately, she began to cut back on her itinerant evangelistic ministry and enrolled in seminary school at the Interdenominational Theological Center. In addition to her hands on ministry experience, she became educated and empowered for ministry by noted Christian leaders and professors. God called the church, affectionately known as Deeper Life, to be a church with a heart for God and God’s people. God established the church to be a Bible-based, Christ-centered ministry, whose focus is discipleship, development and deliverance.  Deeper Life is uniquely designed to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus the Christ as found in Matthew 28:19-20.
When Deeper Life first opened its doors, it was in the South DeKalb Office Park. There were only four persons in attendance, three of which joined during that service.  The church was established on the principals of prayer, teaching, preaching and soul-winning.  Later, the Lord blessed the church to move into a larger facility; a storefront in the Eastgate Shopping Plaza in DeKalb County. There, the Lord continued to bless and build the ministry. After expanding from the storefront space, the ministry expanded into another space two doors down; a Christian club spot called Club Soteria. There, we worshipped God in spirit and truth, and God grew the ministry and our capacity to do ministry to the fullest.  It was in July of 2001 that Pastor Stokes launched out into the deep again and planted a church in Conyers, Georgia. For a few years, Deeper Life functioned as one Church in two locations. Eventually, the ministry settled in Conyers, Georgia.  Since then, we have seen the Lord’s blessings and favor upon the house.
Deeper Life in Christ Ministries, Inc. is a church that embraces worship. We believe in prayer, praise, song, music and making offerings unto our Lord. We are a church that believes in the Word. Through the teaching and preaching of the Gospel, God impacts the lives of so many. We are a ministry of witness. We touch lives for the Kingdom of God. Not only do we engage in Christian fellowship, but we witness to all, the hope, healing and help that can only come from our Savior, Jesus the Christ. We love families.  We love friends. We love our faith!
Worship Schedule
Sunday School 10:45 am
Sunday Worship 12 noon
Bible Study, Tuesday 7 pm

Deeper Life In Christ Ministries, Inc.

1316 Olympic Court, SW

Conyers, GA 30012


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