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Daily Prayers For Believers

Copyright  © 2013 DLIC Bible Study Lesson, Pastor Juandolyn Stokes

Prayer should be an essential part of every believer’s walk. Prayer is important as one nurtures their relationship with God. Prayer is commanded in the Scriptures.  Read Isaiah 55:6; Matthew 7:7; Philippians 4:6. Notice the six types of prayers that believers should aim to include in your daily regiment.

Types of Prayers



Prayer of Praise & Adoration – (1 Chronicles 29:10-11; Psalms 150; Luke 2:20)
This prayer is centered around God and His eternal characteristics – His majesty, glory, power, beauty, love, mercy, and grace.
Prayer of Penitence – (Psalms 51)
This is a personal prayer asking for forgiveness of sins. Confession of our sins shows that we missed the mark and need to repent for things unto the Lord. Unconfessed sin is a hinderance to an authentic relationship with God. Confession is good for the soul.
Prayer of Petition – (John 16:23; Luke 11:2; Mark 11:24; 2 Kings 19:15-19)
Petition means to ask God for something, realizing that we are totally dependent upon him; but ultimately for His will to be done. It is a prayer of supplication where we ask God for anything – guidance, healing, safety, blessing things big and small. Sometimes this is called the prayer of faith.
Prayer of Thanksgiving – (Psalms 103)
This type of prayer is from a grateful spirit. A grateful spirit is the soil in which faith, hope and love grow. It’s easy to take for granted the many blessings we receive each day, but we should continually have a spirit of gratitude towards God. It is a prayer of appreciation to God for the gifts he has given us. This kind of prayer combats self-pity and depression. Thanksgiving, moreover, should be a part of every prayer.
Prayer of Intercession – (Matthew 9:37-38; Acts 12:5; Romans 8:26-27)
Just as Christ, our High Priest, and Saviour who has a ministry of prayer for us, we are to pray for others. Intercede for others as Christ intercedes for us.
Prayer of Meditation – (Psalms 1)
Prayers that are usually done in silence or as contemplative/reflective thinking/thoughts. This prayer is centering prayer, where we wait upon the Lord.We are neither speaking nor being spoken to.We are just resting in the glorious presence of God, completely enveloped in His love.